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5 things to do with the kids in the Adelaide Hills during the winter school holidays.

After months of social distancing, the school holidays creep up on you. If you haven’t planned anything to do with the kids, don’t worry. Give yourself some credit for getting them through the past few months. 

It’s understandable if you’re feeling unsure about what to do. You don’t want to make big plans for the holidays, as we’ve only just started to emerge from the lockdown. Whether you’re more comfortable to stay inside or prefer to get out to events again, we’ve got a list of five ideas to do with the kids over the next two weeks.

Boredom-busting Adelaide Hills school holiday activities

1. Arts & Crafts

See what you’ve got in the arts cupboard and spend a day with glitter, paint, chalk, and cardboard. You could have the kids make a gift for a family member, do some free-hand creative drawing or hand painting.

It’s a great way to keep the little ones entertained, learning new skills, and it doubles as ‘present making’ sessions. Here’s a useful list of arts and crafts ideas that’ll take up a half or full day (without having to leave the home). This is where having a spacious Adelaide Hills property helps.

2. Muddy Puddles Wild Adventures

Want to wear the kids out, outside for the day? Check out the Wilderness Escapes school holiday calendar of events. There’s team building activities, a forest bug hunt, mud kitchens, damper making and cooking, followed by an afternoon at Cleland Wildlife Park. Let your little wild ones, run free.

3. Challenge Hill

Have the kids been bored during lockdown? Spend a day at Challenge Hill to stretch their legs. This is part of the Woodhouse Activity Centre – an outdoor adventure hotspot. If your Adelaide Hills property doesn’t have a big backyard, this could be a good option.

4. Horsnell Gully & Giles Conservation Parks

Fill their backpacks full of snacks and get out in nature with the older kids. If you catch a sunny morning, go on a bushwalk and discover the winding Heysen and Yurrebilla trails. Download a map on your mobile and check out the Explore and Climb event on July 14. 

5. Plan a sleepover

No school holiday is complete without a sleepover. Get the kids to invite their best friends over and have a movie night. It’s easy to plan, safe for all families (especially those who are still worried about social distancing), and a great way to make new memories. Plus, it’s winter here in the Adelaide Hills.

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